Gruden has previously said that he believes the Tuck Rule is “a crock of sh*t.”

It wasn’t the last Tuck Rule reference of the presser.

Gruden said he’s looking forward to meeting the running back. But it’s never happened before, not even during Gruden’s broadcasting career.

“I asked for Marshawn Lynch in production meetings and never got to meet him,” Gruden said. “So I’m anxious to sit down with Marshawn.”

The Buccaneers didn’t take the step forward that many of them thought they would during the 2017 season. NFL head coaches have shorter leashes than ever, but Koetter appears to be getting one last breath and a shot in 2018.

Tom Verducci: If his market doesn’t develop, the Royals still have a shot at signing him as part of their rebuild to be the “face of the franchise,” which may be smart from a loyalty perspective but not from a baseball sense. But I like the fit with the Rockies, where he would give them one of the best infield defenses in baseball, leadership and a complementary bat in a deep lineup.

Both Jenkins and Stills are Man of the Year nominees for their activism against racial inequality and social injustice. Jenkins’s efforts are focused on criminal justice reform, working to pass Clean Slate legislation that would seal old, non-violent misdemeanor offenses for Pennsylvanians who have not had any additional convictions for at least 10 years.

The Titans were going to need all of the help they could get to keep things close against the Patriots on the road. They didn’t get it from the refs.

The Titans forced a punt in the second quarter, and they managed to get the Patriots to jump for a false start. At least that’s what officials called initially. They changed the call to a neutral zone infraction on Tennessee.

The Titans did jump, but only after Patriots center David Andrews moved his head.

Once you leave the facility, your obligation to the team is finished until report date. It’s an odd feeling driving away, headed off to wherever the offseason takes you. This weight, all the stress from the season, feels lifted. Your body might still be hurting, but it’s the first time in months you’re able to mentally relax.

A 500-foot home run is historic.He’s extremely dangerous, McCann said of his successor behind the plate.
That’s the baseball term for gaining more experience.Gibson was regarded as a four- recruit out of high school and started his career at Ohio State as a quarterback, before shifting to receiver during his redshirt year 2015.bears_006-223x223

Viewers are looking for one service that will allow them to watch any game they want without any exceptions.

Outside of going 0-2 SU and ATS against the Saints this season, the Panthers decimated the majority of their schedule going 11-3 SU and 9-4-1 ATS over their other 14 games.

Carolina rolled into its season finale against Atlanta with a 7-1 SU and 6-2 ATS record over its last eight games but failed to come away with the upset in a 22-10 loss. The Panthers are 0-3 SU and 0-2-1 ATS in their last three postseason games away from home.

This is what their season is all about -– fixing, healing the torture of the one before it. There is no denying it, even as they head next to Philadelphia. They don’t have to talk about it. It’s there. It’s evident and real. It’s an inferno within them.

This year, I really went back and forth about whether I should get Sunday Ticket again and ultimately, I decided not to because I like football but I don’t love football anymore. I am more of a baseball fan and I pay for MLB.TV for the summer. That’s $120 for the whole season, and then to pay another $100-something for the Ticket, I just didn’t want to fork out that kind of money. So I called my father-in-law during the second week of the season and I asked him for his cable log-in. I had borrowed a friend’s log-in the year before, until he eventually cut his cable this past spring.

“But we do up-downs every day and now I’ve come to appreciate them a little bit more. They’re still not fun to do. But I do believe the message they’re trying to send us is we’re going to be tougher than everybody else.”

So here’s our lesson heading into Week 2: September is too early to declare success, but not for judging philosophical change. After the Jags pasted the Texans 29-7, it’s clear that Jacksonville has taken on the personality of its coach, which is a good sign to show at this early juncture.

“I think it was pretty obvious pretty quick. [The coaches] wanted us to control the line of scrimmage and be the most physical team out there,” Campbell said. “And it’s been proven whoever wins the line of scrimmage usually wins games. We went over all the statistics, how they relate to winning and losing, just going off pure facts and history.”

Karp says the NFL needs to seriously address this gray area of cable-cutting, on-demand entertainment, new platforms and live sports consumption.nationals_034

NFL playoffs 2018: Bracket and schedule update after Saints vs. Vikings

The NFL’s final four is officially set after Sunday’s Divisional Round games, and we have our matchups for next week’s conference championship games. There are only three weeks left before the quest for the Lombardi Trophy is finished, but let’s take a look at the weekend’s action first.

On Saturday, the No. 1 seeds held serve with the Patriots and Eagles punching tickets to home games in the conference championships. On Sunday, the Jaguars and Vikings secured their places as the visiting teams.

When Mitchell addressed his nephew’s high school basketball team last March, he told them, “I still don’t sleep well, thinking about Tom Brady.” And, back in the hallway, he said that hadn’t changed. “I’d be lying now if I said otherwise,” he said. “Look, the Patriots are the benchmark. That’s the team we’re going to have to knock off if we want to win the Super Bowl.”

The Panthers current owner, Jerry Richardson, announced on Sunday, Dec. 17 he was putting the team up for sale after allegations of workplace misconduct forced the team to start an internal investigation just two days earlier.

Since then, the team named Tina Becker its chief operating officer. Becker has been with the Panthers for 20 years and controls the team’s day-to-day operations in her new role.

While allegations against Richardson surfaced Friday, details emerged in a Sports Illustrated piece that Sunday, forcing Richardson’s hand.

The story alleges there were sexually inappropriate comments directed at female employees:

Among those in heaviest rotation: Show me how you wiggle to get those jeans up. I bet you had to lay down on your bed to fit into those jeans. Did you step into those jeans or did you have to jump into them?giants_096