Texans pick up Kevin Johnson’s option for 2019

Monday’s been a busy day for 2015 first-round defensive backs getting their fifth-year contract options exercised.

Jewell’s college accomplishments don’t translate well to the NFL because he’s a Will/Mike linebacker tweener. He plays well in space, though he doesn’t have the high-end lateral quickness to cover Alvin Kamara types or top tight ends out of the backfield. He can succeed as an undersized middle linebacker if the linemen in front of him keep blockers away, but Jewell can get engulfed if a guard gets his pads into him.

Jewell doesn’t project as a Pro Bowler, but he’s a great value here as a rotation linebacker and priority special teamer. He’ll find a way to be productive when he gets on the field as long as the Broncos don’t expect him to be Luke Kuechly. Inside linebacker depth is an issue for the Broncos. They still have bigger needs on offense, but Jewell does fit their defensive personality. Grade: C-plus.

“There was a verbal disagreement, there was NO physical altercation. The two are in the middle of a divorce and it is a hard time for both parties.”

Police in Los Angeles are still investigating the matter.

Athleticism: Excellent. Nyheim Hines was the fastest running back at the combine, with a 4.38-second 40.

Every-down rushing: Fair. Hines is decisive between the tackles and won’t shy away from contact. But he’s not really designed to be a workhorse.

Open-field rushing: Exceptional. Hines is a threat to score with every touch. He obviously has the speed to run away from defenses, but he’s also got a wicked spin move and a jump cut.

Receiving value: Excellent. Hines started his college career as a slot receiver and often operated out of the slot in 2017. He can run the full route tree.

Pass protection: Fair. It’s not something you want him to do much, but he’ll get in his defender’s way.

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